Friday, 28 August 2009

Totem of Electrifying Wind

Since last post, which I apologize for being a considerable amount of time ago, I have not been playing as much as I would have liked. My beloved laptop that has served me well over the past 4 years was finally showing its age and the lacking framerate was taking to great of a toll on my performance (at times I was averaging a mere 6-8fps during raids). I took the hint and made the decision to build a new computer which I had not done before and was rather daunted by the thought of. I am pleased to say it was a success however, and I am now playing on a beastly new machine that makes the game look completely different. Who knew you could see the Mine from the Lumber Mill in AB? Maybe you all did and I have been the one missing out all this time, if so forgive my childlike facination. I am yet to raid with the new setup, but I am excited to see the difference in a 25-man environment.

With my reduced playtime over the last two weeks I have not been regularly collecting Emblem of Triumph tokens (*tisk tisk*, I know...) and, as such, have not been able to purchase any of the token gear. Not that there is exactly a plethora of selection for us, but I am leaving the spiteful comments behind with the last post; I appreciate your feedback on that by the way. Yesterday I was finally fortunate enough to have saved enough to get a hold of the new totem slot item, the Totem of Electrifying Wind. By this point most of the more hardcore readers would have already seen the conclusions/done their own research but I still feel I should post about it because that is what this blog is all about.

From the PTR studies prior to 3.2, it showed the totem to have an extremely high percentage of uptime but for a long period no one confirmed these numbers once the patch was live. Well, now the numbers are all verified and the totem has a proc chance (i.e.: chance to activate) of 70% and an internal cooldown (or 'ICD', time delay after activation before it can activate again) of 6 seconds.

These numbers are very kind to us. Essentially this means it likes proccing and, because the buff lasts 12 seconds but can refresh after only 6, it will refresh itself a good percentage of time. Conclusion? Very high uptime.

I grabbed my new totem after the daily yesterday and took it to do some of my own testing. On pure Lightning Bolt spamming I never lost the buff once it first activated in 3 tests from full mana to OOM. When performing my rotation (i.e.: inclusion of Flame Shock and Lava Bursts), in a stand-and-deliver situation it still had a very high uptime, well over 90% for the vast majority of the testing.

From my own number punching (using my personal stats and such) I found this to be around a 155-165 DPS boost. Haste is unfortunately a difficult stat to come to rock-solid conclusions on, however, because there are certain points where a little extra haste will allow you to complete your rotation and integrate an extra spell cast. Not to make this post about stat comparisons, but basically there is points where haste can outweigh spellpower, although not on a regular basis. This means the benefit will be slightly different for your particular situations, but this is a reasonable ballpark estimate.

So how does this compare to our existing BiS, the Totem of Hex? I am happy to say that we have finally found an upgrade, as Hex only equated to roughly a 95-100 DPS increase. The immense uptime of Electrifying Wind makes it a practically constant buff which I am sure many of you will be thankful for.

I have not had a chance to try it out on high-movement bosses in a raid situation as yet which may be the times where the buff does fall off for short periods but I doubt it will be too much of a factor. I am sure the situations where you have trinket procs and bloodlust/heroism going in conjunction with the totem buff will make you forget about those momentary lapses.

In summary: The Totem of Electrifying Winds is a great little upgrade from our previous best-in-slot; and only takes a few days of raiding and running daily heroics to get your hands on. Enjoy!



  1. somone posted the math on it earlier on shaman forums i believe

    turned out something , if you were around 370 haste , its a dps upgrade becasue the proc allows the extra bolt in the rotation, or 920 after a proc , pluz the totem allows another one into rotation...

    so in essence, if the totem proc can give you an additional bolt into the rotation, then yes its a dps upgrade, if it will not allow for a complete fit of another bolt then it wont increase your dps, until you can fit the extra bolt...

    HOWEVER , this allows us to have a prety static haste buff , without having to eat gear budget or gems on it, wich is always nice as the amount of istats that would be needed for 200 haste can be better used for other stats :D

    good to see you back, i also upgraded my rig a few months ago, so yeah i know exactly what its like to giggle when you first fire up wow, and can actually see all the way to the other side of eots or ab :D not to mention the wotlk textures look pretty awsome on high :D

  2. (How can I quote a comment here?)

    It _will_ increase your DPS even if you cannot fill an extra bolt: you will cast Lava Burst a bit earlier and faster. Read Bink's post about haste in Elitist Jerks forum, in the "Elemental changes in 3.2" thread for more.

  3. 920 haste would allow me to fill a 6th bolt. Even if I had to replace some spell power gems, it should be a dps increase. LB at about 1,3 sec - yeah. :D

  4. @lyrdx

    its rather pointless that i can cast LvB a little bit faster (200 haste would equate to bout .3 sec faster igve or take , i havent done the math) wich , on a spell with cooldown, doesnt matter, unless the diff is more than .5 sec in cast time, you wont see a dps increase over casting it . 3 secs slower, Idc about EJ forums i tested both, and as i said above if you can set yourself up so that it pushes you to the spot where another bolt fits in , it upgrades your dps, if it doesnt , compare to your old hex totem you will see that its hardly a dps buff to call home about , still , 200 haste on a RELIC wich is pretty much perma up means you need less haste from gear wich in turn results in more stats of the others

    just my 2c, jsut buy the thing , go test it in dummy, you have 2 hours to take it back to the vendor if you dont like and get your conquest back...

  5. Are you serious "Anonymous" ?

    First off, its triumph badges, not conquest.

    and 200 haste is an INCREDIBLE dps upgrade from Totem of hex, without getting an extra LB in.

    You clearly don't realize how good haste is for elemental shamans, In T8 gear this totem will give you 33-37% more haste.....

  6. ok bud, as i said I DONT CARE what EJ or other theorycrafters have said, i tested both, and i exclusivley set myself up so that with relic i would fall short to test just this and the point i tried to make was that while there is still a gain , its negligble unless you can set it so that it puts you on that next lb into the rotation

    so is it a good totem? yes, is it an upgrade? it can be because as i have stated numerous times alreaedy, even if it doesnt allow next lb in, you can still count those 200 haste up regem other stats if you have gemmed much haste or w/e

    triumph , conquest, it could be chocolate cookies for all it matters, point is you can TEST THE DAM THING and give it back if the dps upgrade for YOUR SPECIFIC CASE is negligble and spend triumph on rings or shoulders wich are pretty good, or save for t9 ..


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