Monday, 25 May 2009

Ulduar Gear Guide: 10 Man Version

Well, I am now on break and lapping up the newly-achieved lack of stress. I was going to have the Lightning Overload post ready to go, but it is considerably more difficult than I first thought as there is some awkward things to consider with Elemental Oath in the mix. I will hopefully have that good to go really soon, but in the meantime I have felt guilty in neglecting you all so here is a new gear guide for the more experienced shaman that are running Ulduar 10, boss by boss. A 25 man will more than likely be on the way in the near future too:

Flame Leviathan:




Assembly of Iron:







General Vesax:


Algalon the Observer:

This is difficult to do, as there is still new items being discovered off this guy every week (Thanks Ensidia!). WoWWiki has a good loot table that is being updated as stuff becomes available, and MMOChamp usually posts new discoveries. I will update this at a later date to reflect when we are more confident everything has been discovered. If you are killing this guy I am surprised you are reading my blog because this is beyond what I am doing!

Hope you get something out of this guide. Again, sorry for the lack of posts recently.


Edit (July 2, 2009): Mainly cosmetic, added appropriate Epic colours and square brackets. Added Algalon loot table. Removed unnecessary commentary. Added notes in place of commentary where I deemed necessary. Minor spelling corrections.

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