Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Trial of the Crusader 10 Man Gear Guide

My usual approach to gear guides has had to change due to the new format of raiding with heroic versions of loot and the fact that Horde and Alliance no longer use the same loot. As such, the table is arranged by bosses, then Alliance Version (and heroic equivalent) / Horde Version (and heroic equivalent).

Northrend Beasts:

Lord Jaraxxus:

Faction Champions:


Tribute Chest (Heroic Versions Only):

I have been FAR less lenient on what I put in this time; absolutely nothing with Spirit or mp5 made the list. Only purely useful stats were permitted, so keep eyes open for Resto shammy gear that may be an upgrade still.

I hope the new format is easy enough to understand. 25-Man version incoming...



  1. With the amount of hit on T9 I would say that hit on offpieces is more a wasted stat than mp5 atm. Especially so since using CL in the rotation even on single target is a slight dps increase.

  2. Just change the colors to blue / red. We all know they are epix :)

    Overall a nice guide :)

    How bout making an article on what todo when you are way over hit rating, with the current tier 9.5 and stuff its very easy overcapping the hit.. At least for me.

  3. Haha anonymous we were thinking alike :p

  4. Does anyone really know why they've changed the names yet given identical gear to Horde and Alliance? What's the point? What does it achive beyond making lists and databases longer and more confusing?

    It might have been interesting to see the stats moved around a bit on different faction gear. So the Horde really want the Belt, while Alliance are looking at the Boots as the key piece for example. But the "just" name change seems futile.

  5. Its like this becuase alliance and horde gear has different looks. Which I think is a good change. At least I feel more hordish :)

  6. Plenty of gear already has a different look on males/females. Not to mention that they have to scale to fit the models themselves. Don't tell me they couldn't make them look physically different without giving them seperate names.

  7. I am still refining the mehod I use for doing these gear guides. It is difficult to satisfy everyone, as those reading my past ones or my thread on MMO-Champ know.

    I am going to try a Blue/Red version for the 25 man, we will see how it goes. I am also going to put some recipies in, and a few of the better spirit/mp5 items.

  8. It seems you missed out Twin Valkyrs. They drop a very nice staff (Enlightenment) which is awesome for elemental shamans.


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