Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Just a quick reminder: a lot of you have been posting very specific questions on the comments section in posts. If it is general enough I will answer it there, or let some of the experienced readers handle it. However, for more detailed questions I ask that you send them directly to me via email (puutnitdown[at]gmail.com). This allows me to deal with your question more specifically to your personal situation and not have to try and give a broad answer to make it applicable to everyone.

I should note this includes "Can you take a look at my gear/spec/enchants..." questions. I get quite a few of these and I have absolutely no problem taking a look over your armory page, but you need to email because I don't think it is best to critique your character over public-viewable comments.

More posts on the way soon including a guide to gemming, a public discussion post and later down the track a gear guide for the new raids and an analysis of the tier-9 sets.



  1. I just started with my ele shaman and am excited to see your future posts :)

    Your guide to hit rating helped. It seems they neglected ele shamans with conquest gear so I was worried about only the tier8.5 gear being worth taking.
    Hope to be 80 soon so I can test our raid dps!


  2. gief new screenshot with your new gear!

    really good blog aswell mate!

  3. I would, except due to lack of raiding I am still in all t8.5 so it wouldn't be that exciting. I was thinking of taking a new SS anyways for the title, because me being 'decked out' in t7.5 isn't exactly that impressive anymore...

    You can always check out my armory page; the link is in the sidebar.


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