Tuesday, 4 August 2009

3.2 Live Today

As the title says, 3.2 is confirmed to be going live today. You can check out the latest news updates at MMO-Champion. Unfortunately out hopes of more Elemental changes were not realized; we will have to see where we stand in the coming weeks.

In more personal news, this blog just hit 10,000 views a couple of days ago which I am really happy about. Just another chance to thank all of you for taking the time to read this and support me, I really appreciate it and I hope you will keep reading.

I have moved into a new apartment this past weekend and will not have reliable internet until Thursday. As such I will be missing out on seeing the new patch today but I am sure I will make up for lost time this weekend. If I am taking a while to respond to your emails this is why. I will catch up as soon as I can.

Enjoy the patch,



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  2. Hurry up and get your internet set up, if you're anything like me you will have a post on the impressions of the upgrades we got for being shaman (stuff from the other specs). I'm pretty amped up to set up my totem buttons and such, and finally not watch them get destroyed in pvp environments. Should be entertaining to find some extra buttons to macro these new spells to.

    I for one am probably more excited about respeccing my resto secondary spec and checking it out. I'm kinda hoping for an improvement over what is has been in the past.

    Good luck moving in and gettin reliable internet set up, it can be a real bitch.


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