Sunday, 21 June 2009

Upcoming Stuff

I have been asked recently by a few of my viewers what is in the pipeline for the blog; what I am working on. I find myself stuck for answers because up to this point I haven't really 'planned' anything. I generally write on topics that I have thought about, have been asked about in game or via email, or seen on the forums being discussed. To make it easier and keep you guys in the loop I am posting today what you can expect to see because I figure it is best if I start adopting some organization and planning for this:

  • Ulduar 25-man Gear Guide: This has been a while in the works but I have been learning and looking to improve on the system I used for the previous guides. It should be out sometime this week I am guessing and I am sorry it has taken so long!
  • Hit Rating guide: Not strictly a gear guide; it will feature ways on how to get to the hit cap if you are just hitting 80 or if you just need a couple more points to reach the cap with a new upgrade.
  • Speccing: I have debated about actually posting about this because I have found people either get it or they don't, but I feel for the benefit of all it will be best if I lay it all out on how to spec and why to clarify if people are confused or are still having questions.
  • Longer term plans is to get a little bit more mathy (I have generally avoided it up to this point as to not scare you all off too early). Potentially down the road a summary of glyphs, totem slot item comparisons and delving into the mechanics of the Elemental rotation (or lack thereof).
  • I will also be updating/improving some old material and polishing up some areas where I cut corners or things have differed. One of the readers, Razen, showed me a perfect example of this with the new Argent Tournament gear that would work well into the fresh-to-80 gear guide. I also plan to update the 10-man Ulduar guide to reflect changes to the guides that I am making currently with the writing of the 25-man version.

I have also had big jumps in readership in the last 2 weeks or so which I really appreciate. Your support make this enjoyable to do and I hope I can provide quality content which improves your play or just generally makes life a little easier.


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