Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Totem Bars

HERE is a post from the devs regarding changes to our totem system. Reserving comments until a later time. For now, absorb and contemplate.

- Puut


  1. I, too, am curious about this new development ... Although I'm not thrilled with the screen real estate loss or the 'pet bar' idea, think I am leaning towards pleased with this one for time saving purposes.

    On another note, really, I just wanted to say that this is a great blog! I found the link in grazing over something or another on the Shammy forum on the WoW Community, and have enjoyed reading through your posts. You've pulled together some excellent stuff, both informative and instructive posts for starting and experienced Elemental Shammies alike. I'll definitely be checking in and passing this link on to my shammy friends. ^_^ Keep up the good work!

    - Eibhsilin, Ele Shammy of Red Legion, Alleria Server

  2. It wll be interesting to see what happens. I am going to post my thoughts as more comes to light but as for now, as I mentioned, I am going to reserve commenting. There is still a lot that could happen before the patch!

    I really appreciate your readership. In the last couple months readership has reached levels that I didn't think I would ever get and I am extremely thankful to all the readers and glad I can provide a useful resource. I hope you will continue to read and I will do my best to keep providing quality content. Best of luck in your WoW adventures Eibhsilin!


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