Monday, 29 June 2009


A more informal post is the order of the day. Firstly, I have been doing some 2v2's with a random Destro Lock who was bored in trade and recently parted with his last partner, a Shadow Priest. Judging by his full deadly gear and PvP trinkets/rings etc. he obviously was more into arenas waaay more than myself who, as you may know, have only really done 2v2s with my PvE Boomkin housemate. Anyway, he said as it was just for some skirmishes it would be fine for me to roll in my PvE gear and adding a ring/trinkets/cloak etc. for some survivability. Surprisingly we did very well in our first couple of non-rated matches, so much so that he invited me to join his team and see how we fared against rated. The team rank was in the mid-high 1400's along with his personal ranking whereas mine and my team ("The Vulvarian Riders", don't ask...) was in the low 1100's. We played mostly 1400-1550 ranked teams and fared pretty well on the day, ending at 20-13 for our ranked (with him DCing for 2 of those losses) and 8-3 for skirmishes. The dynamic of the Destro and Ele is pretty interesting, their buffs complement each other extremely well. Most of the time the opposition assumed I was resto and would try to burn my teammate down faster than I could heal. This generally backfired though, as we would counter with an all-out nukefest with Heroism and trinkets popped and would usually take down one of them well, well before they could take down a 900+ resil lock. I would then heal us up and we could clean up the 2v1.

The other noticeable thing was the far greater ability to fare against the dreaded rogues. As he has his fears and I have hex we could peel apart as soon as a rogue appeared and CC the lil' bastards to give each other time to recover. We would then both open up on the now vulnerable target and down him before he could think; even with a dedicated healer they usually would not survive more than 10-15 seconds with our heroism and cooldowns popped. Nice to be able to extract some revenge finally.

And to conclude on a note about healers; we did come across a few good ones unlike the scrubby ones I had met during my 800-1100 rating endeavours. A cool counter to a skilled healer that we learnt rather quickly off the bat was that in a 2v2 they simply cannot keep both them and their buddy up at the same time against a dual-caster assault. With my earth/wind shocks and my partner's silences we could throw enough patches in their healing to make it a nightmare with our bursts.

I am not sure if this partnership will keep going as I really do not take my PvPing seriously enough for much higher rankings, but I would definitely recommend that budding arena players amongst the readership give this combination some consideration. It is a little more off-the-wall than a lot of people are used to but it keeps that nice duo-caster dynamic with some cool abilities that make it viable.


Edit: Hit Rating 'How to' guide is in the works, expect it to be up in the next couple of days. May want to invite your caster friends as it is pretty general and applicable to any of us looking for some additional sources of hit.

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