Monday, 16 November 2009

Tier 10 Models & Name, No Set Bonus Update

About a week ago the first images of the Shaman Tier 10 models were released on MMO-Champion, I have attached them here. Although I was hoping to see how they look on a race that can actually use them; it doesn't look like it is coming any time soon. My initial thoughts are positive, the look is very different to what we have been exposed to recently. The whole outfit seems like a druid/warlock hybrid to me; dark and menacing with the nature theme creeping in. The shoulder animation looks interesting too, it will be good when we can see animations. Thoughts on the new look?

It was quietly mentioned at some point a while back, but the name of the set is the "Frost Witch's Regalia". Again, not exactly 'shaman-y' as we are used to it. Perhaps this new theme is a permanent revision to our image.

I was hoping to have more information on the changes to the setbonus that was being alluded to a while back. As it officially stands (to the best of my knowledge) the 2-set bonus is still a 2 second reduction to Elemental Mastery with every Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning, although it looked as if it was being reduced to 1 second. I will continue to follow this and post as soon as any changes are made official.



  1. I agree. The first thing I thought when I saw the shoulders was "Huh, that kinda looks druid-y." As for the bonuses, I'm not sure what they are currently.

    This may be old news (mmo-champion link is 5 days old), but did you notice that the Totem has been changed from stacking everytime you cast a shock to stacking on the Periodic Damage of FS? That's a change I like especially since the Boomkin one was already like that (stacking on ticks of Moonfire).

  2. Frost Witch is very shamany. Shamans are the priests of the wild, so Witch Doctor, Witch, and things of that nature are very much inline with being a shaman.

  3. You can check out the armor on any race you want using the 3D model viewer on Wowhead, animations and all. :D

    Great blog!

  4. While the set bonuses remain unchanged, mmo-champion reports a change to Elemental Mastery, which makes the whole set bonus/ability a lot more enticing. Improved Crit chance will change to a Haste buff in 3.3 apparently.

    With the change to the Black Magic enchant from DoT to Haste too I'm going to be looking at some speedy casts.

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  6. cant wait for it to come out i have a video of my shaman in battle grounds in blw (blackwing lair) pawning look it up in dailymotion elemental shaman.


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