Thursday, 2 July 2009


Just a few quick points today:

  • No screenshot, but Bladestorm killed Flame Leviathan +4 Towers on Tuesday night (finally). We have been so focused on our XT and Assembly of Iron hard modes that we kind of forgot about FL, even after being the server first with +2.
  • Have neatened up the Ulduar 10-man Gear Guide. Go check it out, list of changes is at the bottom.
  • You can email me directly now at puutnitdown(at)gmail(dot)com. No more need to roll alts on Moonrunner when you want to talk to me.
  • The layout of the page has changed slightly, making some of the content areas larger.
  • I have added the ability to subscribe via RSS feed in the top of the right hand toolbar.

You may have noticed the frequency of posting increase recently. I have an internship this summer where I am given very little work to do and am highly unsupervised; maintaining the blog is keeping me sane from the periods of boredom. I have nothing in the works at the moment (giving myself a little bit of a break after a couple of pretty substantial posts in the last week) but at a guess I am thinking my next major post will be on speccing.


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