Monday, 27 July 2009

One Light Down...

After a bit of a lull, my guild and I took down Yogg with 3 keepers (not sure whether Yogg +3 or Yogg -1 is the correct phrasing, but you understand). This was server second so we are pretty happy with our efforts. Hopefully this is the beginning of that progression push I forcast last post. I am currently working on a couple of opinionated posts at the moment in lieu of a few things I have been seeing/hearing around the ways recently. Should have it polished and up by mid-week for you.


  1. Hey,

    I was wondering how much dps you do as ele shaman. And was also wondering should i stack haste on trinkets.

  2. Hi,

    This is a tough question as there is a lot of fluctuation depending on fight. As a general range I get around 5000-6000 DPS most fights, but as anyone in Ulduar knows there are some fights that you will get really high numbers and some where you get pretty miserable. I usually do pretty well on Yogg and General Vesax, not as good on Freya or XT.

    More importantly, I think, is how your numbers are relative to your raid. I usually sit around the 5th-8th region, although on a good fight I can break top 3. Don't expect to out-DPS a mage or hunter of similar caliber gear/experience/skill, because as you get further into end-game raiding you will gradually slide back in the pack by comparison.

    As for your trinket question, I would be using whatever the best trinkets available to you are. Do not use mine as a good comparison, my trinkets are terrible. I haven't had much luck in that department. If you would like to email me at puutnitdown(at)gmail(dot)com with an armory link I can discuss it more with you, as your choice of trinket will depend on what is available to you and what your other stats are (Are you hit capped? Do you have enough haste to reach the 'soft cap'? etc.)

    Thanks for reading, I really appreciate your comments and hope to hear from you.

  3. I'm gonna go ahead and agree with that range on most fights. Fights like General or Hodir you can pull up quite a bit depending on your rng with buffs (both good and bad), often times I can work my way up to 1st or 2nd on Hodir (damn Mages and their getting power infusion) with around 12-13k, but then there are fight like Freya were I can barely break 4k due to the nature of fight. In general, I sit around 3-5 on most bosses.

    On trinkets, like Puut said, use whatever is the best that you have. The actual BIS are Flare of Heavens and Illustration, but most people aren't really in a position to get the Flare. Dying curse remains popular due to the hit on it with a tremendous spell power proc. If you end up with a trinket with a haste proc its not a bad thing, but its definetly not something to drop some serious DKP or anything. If you are a troll, macro'ing it with your racial will give you a second, shorter, 3 min cd bloodlust.

    On a side note, I've never been a big fan of calling it a haste soft cap, being as there is a point where standing still and casting will give you 5lb's between LvB, but there are many times you don't even get that on movement fights (especially hard modes), which means the faster you get the spell off, the more dps you can do in those situations. The only real haste cap to look at would be the hard cap of 50% where you can longer reduce your gcd.

  4. Very well put B-Rab. That troll racial macro idea is a good one, unfortunately there is not too many trolls around. They tend to be the unpopular race of shaman.

    I agree with the 'soft cap' theory, I just tend to call it that because it is easier than explaining it out every time. Regardless, I would still recommend people try to get in the 520 haste range as it does help in those times like against Ignis and the more tank-and-spank type fights to not have to be relying on a quick chain lightning to keep a neat rotation.

    I recommend my readers go check out B-Rab's blog at if you get a chance.


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